Thinking OUT Loud

About Me

Why write?
You've probably heard the phrase that someone has a face for radio.  This is an indirect way of telling someone that they're not too pleasant to look at.  Well, I have a voice for writing.  Everything I say will sound better in your own head than if I spoke it aloud.  So, as you read, feel free to "hear" it in your head as if spoken by Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones or, perhaps, Sean Connery.  

Like most of us, my brain prefers to go 24 hours a day.  It screams at me to put thought to paper and threatens me with chronic insomnia if I I write.

I've also reached that age where I can find myself struggling for just the right word.  When this happens in conversation, I can either compromise on my word choice or find myself floating in an awkward silence.  I don't like to compromise when it comes to words, so awkward silence it is.  Writing gives me the luxury of taking as much time as I want to search for that perfect I write.

This is no guarantee that you won't find errors, I will make plenty.  So, if you find any small ones, please just ignore them.  If you find big ones (logical, factual), please let me know.  I like to think about things in ways that may not have been considered before.
To facilitate that, I will broach subjects that many avoid and, perhaps, some that others feel are taboo.  The choice to read, of course, is all yours, but I hope you will.  I will focus on topics that influence how or why we believe what we believe, but I may occasionally leave that path and go down a bunny trail or two.  There are so many of these I write.

I consider myself an open-minded skeptic.  As a skeptic, I tend to look for justification before I simply believe something to be true.  Being open-minded, I am open to the idea that new information could change my stance on any topic.  With this in mind, I invite those with new information to share it with me.  

Who am I?
I am an insatiably curious, average guy with lower than average looks and slightly higher than average intelligence, living in the midwest.  I live there with my wife, two sons, and a cat.  This year (2016), I will celebrate two milestones: half a century of existence and two decades of marriage to my best friend.  My dream job, of course, has always been to be an I write.

Thanks for stopping by.